"Reno 911!" Synopsis, "Strategies from the North" del 1.

I onsdag upplevde jag ett mirakel när jag kvart över åtta vaknade helt klarvaken med ett färdigt synopsis i huvudet över en episod till "Reno 911!". Jag spenderade hela dagen med att plita ner och finslipa det samt skicka mail till Comedy Central.
Idag var det visst dags igen. Jag har ägnat större delen av eftermiddagen åt att först försöka hitta ett telefonnummer till Comedy Central. Efter en stund googlande fick jag tag på ett nummer till deras kontor i New York (adressen är "Broadway"!). När  jag väl kom fram svarar en uttråkade receptionist slött: "Comedy Central." och jag håller på att skita ner mig av nervositet. Hon kopplar mig sen till någon konstig telefonsvarare så efter att jag ringt upp igen ger hon mig numret till deras kontor i LA där serien spelas in. Och oj, vilken krånglig telefonsvarare de hade och oj vilken dålig engelska jag fick till när de faktiskt svarade.
   Hur som helst så har jag nu fått kontakt med en person som heter Debbie som sa att hon skulle ringa "Reno911!":s agent åt mig och fråga hur jag ska gå till väga. Jag har nu bitit på naglar i fem timmar sen samtalet avslutades.

Vad håller jag på med! Jag ska ju läsa om variabler, enheter och enhetsvärden till tentan som ska in elva nu på fredag!!

Här är hur som helst  första delen av min idé (som kan vara lite för intern om man inte har följt serien):

Strategies from up North

The leaders “from above” have gotten to many reports of discrimination in the Reno Sheriff´s Departmenten Squad” and tries to once and for all make it a workplace free from harassments. To make this happen they´ve hired nordic queerfeminist strategist from Sweden,“Ingar Sandström”, who comes to town and takes on the Reno Sherrifs Department Squad!

   She/he offers the department an antioppresive workplace where ideas of individual freedom and possibilities is assured to become a reality. This has some unsuspected consequences, not just for the squad itself but also for the rest of the citizens in Reno.

   At first “Mr./Ms. Sandström” thinks it´s a dead end trying to save the officers from racial, sexist, and heteronormative discrimination. The squads internal talk about Jim Dangle:s “faggot ways”, black peoples genetic habbit of starting a fight, jewconspiracys stopping the department from getting their popcorn machine and so on is hailing as usual. But bit by bit “Mr./Ms. Sandström” succeeds in enlightening the force about the true horrors of their everday life and how to change it for the better.

   The following descriptions consists of some of the methods “Mr./Ms. Sandström” uses that escalate and at the end chrashes. What once was a police squad that at least thought they where doing their job right soon turns into what you would only call a “cult”.


The Feminist Bootcamp and the Return of the White and Pink Officers Outfits

“Mr./Ms. Sandström” starts by guiding the force through a brief but hardcore trip of the ideas of feminism. All the way from womens right to vote, issues concerning men´s sexualized violence against women and half-the salery issues to todays thoughts about heterosexuality as a norm and societys neglection of the black, lesbian, crippled, workling class women´s experiences. The first concrete way of making diffrence in the everday lives of the officers, “Mr./Ms. Sandström” re-uses the white and pink outifts the squads been using before. But since the color white symbolises the white man´s opression over the rest of the people “Mr./Ms. Sandström” decides to change the colours from white/pink to black/pink where the black colour stands for black voices and the pink for queer voices finally getting heard in Reno.


Raineesha´s Hood

There´s a change in leadership in the force. Even though Dangle is “the only gay in the village” in the police force and therefore should be in a position of power (leutanent) he´s not the only one who´s opressed. And most importantly; he´s not the one who´s the most oppressed in the squad, RaineeshaWilliams is. Therefore Raineesha get´s the leutanent position and gets hybris. Of course Raineesha couldn´t be more satisfied with the situation now that her “love-slapping-the-men-techniques” suddenly gets legitimate:


“Guess who´s got the keys to the candy storage now, huh!?”

“Guess who´s gonna crack som “old friends” nuts now, huh!?”

“That´s right! Miss Raineesha Williams! Holla´! Hah!”


Trudy as a Radical Feminist

Since Trudy always has been the insecure and bullied one, not the least by men, she gets real attached to the ideas of radical feminism, a way of finally get the feeling of being a part of a community, a community spelled “sisterhood”. At first she almost falls in love with “Mr./Ms. Sandström” but is informed by “Mr./Ms. Sandström” hemself that desire to a person who passes as a dude is only the way of patriarchal structures to lure her in line unless you´re a homosexual- or transman. Of course Trudy is enlightened by this real fast and instead she shaves her head and lets the bushes under her arms grow a bit more than usual (quite the opposite to her transformation during the time she met officer Dwayne Hernandez). Since she now knows that mens violence aganist women is the single most important question she starts out by avengening all of the men in the past who in some way have been bad to her. She starts out with Dangle, and works here way through Reno.

   She will also only talk to the girls in the squad, that she now refers to as her “sisters” in her “lesbian continuum”.

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